Good Vibes

Good Vibes

I would like to think that this is how I live my life. I know I can get a little self absorbed. and by a little I mean I know I can be a HUGE all about me-er, as we all can.. I like to look at this picture and remind myself what is important. It is so important to have dreams and goals, if you don’t have something to work for what are you doing? For me it’s travel. I make myself so broke and stressed while I’m saving up for a trip, but it gives me such a rush. I just want to explore. It is important to be thankful for what you already have, because you could lose what you have (Philippines) in a flash. What matters the most? You have to give love to everybody, because chances are that cranky clerk just worked a double shift, or the weird kid is sad, and you never know how much of an impact you can make until you try. I love to laugh, and be sarcastic. Life is better when you’re laughing as they say, and if it burns calories while you do it- so be it. An occasional peeing of pants builds character 😉


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