Is it annoying if I just write my thoughts here? Audience of 2? Or just myself.. Hello rapid audience, I am writing this because I am done with finals… HOLLA BACK. I was so ready for the semester to be over, but I can’t believe that it went by so fast. How confusing of me. I feel like I need to figure out what I’m doing with my life. I want to be a traveling helper translator type for the Red Cross. That is ideally where I would like my french to take me, and I would beyond love the second option of being a french professor. I love knowing other languages, especially in America where not many do anymore. Knowing more languages makes me feel important. When you think about how Europeans know multiple language and that is just normal, it makes me think that being a French major and just knowing another language is laughable as a career path when that is normal for people. I want to be fluent in Spanish too, especially in Southern California. I want to just know how to talk to different people and learn about different ways of living. I want to be able to travel and navigate and explore the world.  There is no one yet who is willing to pay me to travel and get paid for it, darn. I guess that job might only exist in my fantasies. Although I’m only in college and all and most people are switching majors and still unsure of why they are there, I feel like why am I wasting my money if I don’t know what I want to do, and if being a translator doesn’t technically need a degree? So many possibilities. I don’t want to end up having a job where I feel like I’m stuck and what I went to school for was a waste because I ended up being a secretary or an elephant shit pooper scooper. College should be at 25… When you somewhat know who you are what you want and what you want to do basically your whole life. If you have a job you like it’s not work, it’s just another day. Traveling is another exciting day. Give me a job that makes me excited to be there.


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